Friday, April 5, 2013

Warm Buddy and Autism

How Warm Buddy Animals help Autism
We have been contacted by several schools teaching autistic children and complimented on how our Warm up animals bring comfort and peace to their children.
Large warm up puppy

Here is a comment from a school with Autistic and special needs children and how they are benefiting from having Warm Buddies:
“We have started using Warm Buddies on our transitional care unit with our children who as a result
of neurological trauma have difficulty staying warm on their own. The Warm Buddies are personalized
for each child with their own “collar”. It is important that our kids feel like they are in a home like
environment vs an impersonal medical setting. The Warm Buddies look and feel as if they are cuddling
up with their favorite stuffed animal however we know it is so much more than that, they are a modality
that is helping our kids stay happy and healthy”. Childserve USA
ChildServe USA
Let us know if you have found ways that our warm up animals have helped you or someone you know.
Remember everybody needs a Warm Buddy

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