Friday, April 5, 2013

Cramp relief – Cramps during period

Cramps during period – fast pain relief

Treating Primary Dysmenorrhoea Using Heat Therapy
The most effective and probably the oldest ways of treating menstrual cramps is to simply lie down on a flat surface with your legs elevated and apply some heat to the lower abdomen. Microwave heat pads and wheat bags can also be used for this therapy. The warmth works by relaxing the muscles which helps to ease the pain from menstrual cramps. Items such as wheat bags, microwave heat pads, and hot bottles can prove to be inexpensive, holistic and a great way to relieve menstrual cramps.
Warm moist heat for pain relief

Here are our cheerful fabric selections with the embroidered text.
“Be Happy” (Chocolate Swirl), “Love” (Cream Swirl), “Relax (Sage Swirl)”, and “Joy” (Aqua Swirl),”Peace” embroidery. Leopard fur and violet does not have an embroidery.
Moist heat, aromatherapy and acupressure make these designer heat wraps the perfect natural alternative for the relief of aches,cramps,pms pain and stress.
PMS pain relief tips:
Rest the heating pad on your lower abdominal area or on your lower back, wherever you feel the most discomfort from PMS. You can also use two heating pads at the same time, one on your back and one on your stomach for PMS relief.
Keep the heating pad on through the night to help you to have a comfortable night’s sleep and to prevent cramping in the morning. Some heating pads come with straps to keep the heating pad in place while you’re sleeping or resting.
Handy size for travel. An easy to use hot water bottle alternative.
Contains natural milled rice and our signature anti-stress aromatherapy blend. Warm in microwave 2 -3 minutes, or cool in freezer.
Size: 23cm(9”) x 23cm(9”) x 5cm(2”) (Warm Buddy Code (5016)

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