Thursday, April 4, 2013

How to read a QR code without a smart phone

 How to read a QR code without a smart phone

You may have seen these images that look like a Maze,or pictures that if you look at it long enough you can see an image..  like the one below.

Extra savings code
These are called QR images (Quick response images) If you have a smart Phone with a reader app or similar product that can scan these and tell you what these images are saying, no problem.
For those who don’t have one of the products we have a simple means of reading them.
If you see one on line do the following (test it out on our QR code above)

  1. Right click the image
  2. Save the image (Remember where you saved it to, usually the desktop is the easiest to remember)
  3. Go to a Free online bar code reader
  4. When on that page Click Browse
  5. Find saved image
  6. Click send file
  7. Voila you can now read the image
For those images that are not on the internet, and are on newspapers,or printed media.
  1. Take a JPEG image of the code
  2. Download it to your Photoshop to crop the image, leave a small border around the image to ensure everything is visible.
  3. Follow the same procedures as above
Happy reading
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Here is a quick video on How to read a QR code without a Smart Phone


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