Thursday, April 4, 2013

Attack of Danger Bay 12

 Coast Longboarding presents "Danger Bay XII"

This May day weekend May 17th - 22nd
Why not take a trip to Madeira park on the Sunshine coast and take in the worlds largest Longboard race.
Here is how you get to Danger Bay 12, where to stay and a lot mor useful information

Coast Longboarding

Carnage corner

Bricin has been running this race since 2001.

 When it started there were only 10 racers, now it is capped at 300 and they come from all over the world, Australia to the UK.

 Bricin is from the sunshine coast and continues to support the local youth.
No elitism,no barriers,if you could not afford the entry fee he would find a way to pay it for you.
It is now recognized as one of the worlds greatest Longboarding events and Bricin still pays for those who have the skills but not the money to enter.
We have been proud to have been on board as a friend  and sponsor, with Bricin from day one, we are proud of his achievements and his ethical and moral standards. (Spelling is still a work in progress)

We will continue to support Coast Longboarding for years to come.
Longboarders have been using our Heat Packs to help ease all their aches and pains.
Longboard racers can get muscle aches also

One of the main reasons we have supports Bricin, apart from being family,we saw a good fit for our heat packs and heat wraps to ease longboarders aches and pains, we know first hand how much Bricin used our packs to heal his hurts. So don't suffer,try a product that is tried and tested by some of the greatest coast longboarders in the world.
As you will see from the video below there are a lot of aching bodies after these races

Here is a map on how to get to Madeira park  Pender Harbour BC.
Will post more in depth details next week on how to get to danger bay including GPS coordinates and transit details,ferry costs etc.




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