Saturday, February 1, 2014

Warm Buddy medical devices

Warm Buddy have been making medical devices since 1996 and we have been associated with Warm Buddy since 2000.
Warm Buddy products are designed to help with the relief of stress and pain relief.
All Warm Buddy products are approved medical devices by Health Canada for the relief of stress and pain.

Warm Buddy natural pain relief products:

Thousands of customers around the world have or are enjoying the benefits these products offer, from back pain,neck and shoulder pain,headaches,migraine ,this is my popular product as I suffer from Migraines, I just put on my sleep mask and the weight of it works the pain from the sinuses and within 10 to 15 minutes the edge has been taken off the migraine.
Pain and stress relief products

If you suffer from cramps then our warming pillow is the perfect companion for you. Sports enthusiasts enjoy the Sports therapy wrap to warm up muscles prior to work-outs and if muscle pain occurs, this is also perfect for those suffering from sciatica.
Lets not forget our world famous warm up stuffed animals, these have offered comfort to so many people, these are designed for everybody.
Plus our baby products have brought peace into many households, these are all baby safe,(stitched eyes).
Once you buy one of our Warm Buddy products they will last for years and years, we keep telling warm Buddy they need to build in obsolescence into their products as they last too
Enjoy your Warm Buddy

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