Friday, February 28, 2014

How to apply heat therapy

The most effective heat therapy products are Warm Buddy therapeutic heat packs and wraps that can maintain their heat at the proper temperature. “Warm” is the proper temperature. Patients should not have their heat source be hot to the point of burning the skin. The desired effect is for the heat to penetrate down into the muscles. Simply increasing the temperature of the skin will do little to decrease discomfort.

Heat Therapy

Sports Therapy wrap heat wrap

In many instances, the longer the heat is applied, the better. The duration that one needs to apply the heat, though, is based on the type of and/or magnitude of the injury. For very minor back tension, short amounts of heat therapy may be sufficient (such as 15 to 20 minutes). For more intense injuries, longer sessions of heat may be more beneficial (such as 30 minutes to 2 hours, or more) you will have to reheat the Warm Buddy heat pack a few times during this longer period of treatment.
For sports injuries you may want to try our sports therapy wrap, as with all our products they can be used hot or cold, for new injuries with bruising use a cold pack and for aches and pains use a warm pack.

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