Sunday, February 2, 2014

Moist Heat Therapy for Muscle Relief

Moist Heat Therapy for Muscle Relief

Moist heat therapy
The benefits of heat therapy are undeniable and truly impressive. Heat therapy can relieve stiffness and improve circulation by opening blood vessels - relieving pain from arthritis, tennis elbow, sinus headaches, TMJ, aching feet, shoulder and back pain, and many more conditions!
But how does moist heat compare to dry heat therapy? There are many advantages to using moist heat therapy over traditional dry heat:

Deeper Muscle Penetration

Because water transfers heat better than air moist heat therapy delivers more heat directly to your skin without losing heat in the transfer process. The result of this greater heat transfer efficiency is that more of the heat makes its way deep into muscles, joints, ligaments and soft tissue. This deep muscle penetration using our Sports Therapy Wrap is great for athletes; because blood flow and oxygen levels are increased the healing process is accelerated.

Faster Relief of Pain

Moist heat pads are able to relax and penetrate the muscle faster due to the wet heat. As the muscle heats up blood quickly rushes in and starts the healing process. People who use moist heat therapy report that they start feeling more relaxed faster each time they do the therapy and get better faster overall.

All our heating pads can also be used for cold therapy asn well as warm moist heat. All are approved medical devices for the relief of pain and stress.

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