Monday, January 19, 2015

Take a stand to workplace stress

How Standing can help your back and well being.

I wanted to republish this article as it has recently become news again that we are living sedentary lives and sitting can be bad for us.
For many of us, me included, having a bad back is a way of life, we get used to it and the pain becomes normal, we know no different. The following is a slight departure from the normal information we share about our products, but we thought this would resonate with a lot of you.
I spent many years before Wildflowers in the furniture industry designing offices that were ergonomically suited for all the users and working with a Swedish manufacturer who were leaders in this style of furniture really made ergonomics a way of life for me as natural as waking up and breathing.
Starting Wildflowers was a natural transition,as our products were able to help people who had stress and bad backs in their life.
I wanted to share with you a simple method of integrating an ergonomic workstation that can be easily adapted to your office environment and your home.
Sitting for prolonged periods of time at the computer can be so disruptive to our posture and how our muscles work and react to these periods of inactivity, so creating a different work method can help keep muscles active.
I have made a simple stand up workstation in my office where I use my laptop, I also have a normal workstation for my larger computer, where I sit.
Standing helps use different muscle groups and you will also find it helps you be more creative, you think more clearly standing, just think when you take a phone call, most of us pace around while talking, standing uses the same principle.
Throughout the day I will swap between workstations, this gives me a stretch break and the walk (20 paces) also helps keep the muscles active.
The workstation shown in the photo only cost me $29, so it doesn't have to cost and arm and a back.
Stand up work station
Hope this helps you as many of us spend a lot of our waking hours in front of the computer so any way we can make it a more enjoyable experience the better our physical and mental lives will be for it.
Let us know if you would like more information on our simple stand up workstation solution.
Kind Regards
Peter and Patricia

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