Thursday, January 8, 2015

Back pain,stress,lack of sleep solutions

Heating pads - back pain

We have the best selection of  Warm Buddy - heating pads & Warm up stuffed animals,all approved medical devices for back pain relief & comfort.
Our Sports Therapy wrap is one of our most popular back pain relief heating pads, can be used hot or cold depending on the therapy required.
We do have other smaller heat packs, our body wrap has a removable cover and a variety of fabric colours to select from as does our spa wrap which is perfect for the back and neck pain and we can't forget our ultra-shoulder wrap for neck/shoulder and stress relief. Plus many other heat wraps for back pain relief and comfort.
Made locally in Vancouver BC

Do you suffer from back pain?Back pain relief in a heating pad

Back pain can be extremely debilitating,painful and frustrating as the simplest of actions can pull or strain a muscle.
Warm Buddy have been making therapeutic heating pads since 1995 and they are all approved medical devices for the relief of muscle pain and stress.
The heat pack can be used hot or cold depending on the required therapy. (Hot for aches and pains and cold for swelling).
For aches and pains, just pop the heat pack into the microwave for the specified amount of time and the warm moist heat will penetrate the muscles and ease the back pain fast.
Sports athletes use them to maintain muscles by keeping them warm prior to stretching and warm ups.Thus reducing the chance of pulled muscles.
Weekend warriors also use them to warm up before weekend chores, because we all know how the simplest of chores can damage our muscles.

Do you suffer for neck & shoulder pain from too much computer work?

Working on the computer for too long can create neck and shoulder pain, stiff muscles and stress. A quick reference check, just take a deep breathe, exhale and relax the shoulders, you will notice that your shoulders will drop and you will start to feel more relaxed, prolonged use of computers and other electronic devices can cause severe neck and shoulder pain if not treated. One quick way to help relax is to take periodical stretch breaks away from the computer, if your neck continues to hurt then try one of our ultra-shoulder wraps to relieve the pain. Worksafe BC use these for there staff when they are feeling stressed out, they have noticed that after using the heat wrap they are more relaxed and productive.

Migraines and headaches?

We all get these from time to time,they can be caused by stress or in my case weather, when it is going to rain I start to get a migraine.
Each one is different to everyone who suffers from them.
Our sleep masks and eye pillows are a perfect remedy for headaches and migraines, you can use them at room temperature, put them in the freezer if you like it cold or in the microwave for 30 seconds to give you a bit of warmth.
The combination of weight to the acupressure points and the natural herbs will take the edge off the pain and help you relax and help take you back to your normal state.

Difficulty sleeping?

With all the stress in our lives sleep can be a rare commodity. We have recently developed a sleep therapy kit to help you get a more relaxed nights sleep. The kit contains a roll on, some stress relief bath salts and our sleep mask. A perfect solution for those of us who can't get that full nights sleep.

Still can't sleep?

Then maybe you need one of our world famous warm up animals. These are designed for the child in all of us ages 1 to 103.
Each stuffed animal has a removable heat pack that can be heated or cooled as required. We have a variety of animals and sizes to select from.

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