Sunday, August 17, 2014

House warming gifts

We have a realtor who uses our Warm Buddy products as house warming gifts for new house owners.
She realizes that children as well as adults can suffer from stress in any move.
Kids may not show stress as much as they are excited about the move, but inwardly they are worried about their new school, new friends.
Adults are worried about their kids and how they themselves are going to settle into a new neighborhood.
So for the kids we have suggested and used our warm up animals that realy help to calm and reduce stress levels in kids and adults.
Little buddy puppy

And for the adults we suggest our warm up animals that are for the kid in all of us, ages 1-103 or our heating pads and wraps .
Stress relief ultra-shoulder wrap

If you are a realtor looking for a unique house warming gift idea then we suggest you contact us for some corporate gift ideas and prices
Moving to a new house, new city, new country doesn't have to be stressful.


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