Saturday, August 2, 2014

Christmas in August?

Christmas Gift promotions - in August?
This is a question that was recently asked and we do have a practical reason for this.
Q: Why do you start Christmas gifts promotions in August when it is still 5 months away and the temperature is 40 degrees (100 F) outside?
A: We have many customers who live in the southern hemisphere, Australia, New Zealand and they need to order their gifts to be sent from Vancouver Canada at least 3 months before hand if they are shipping the most economical way - surface mail.
Q: But if they know you then why the need to promote using Christmas?
A: One of our biggest problems, is our products last too long , for instance I have a body wrap that I use daily and it is 13 years old, so people who had ordered or received one of our products would have possibly forgotten where they bought it. So their only recourse is to Google Christmas Gifts heating pad. When we place this information back on our site it takes a while for the search engines to index this so these words that the customer places in the search field show up on the first page.
Q: If that’s the case why not leave it on all year so it is easier to find and you don’t have that wait time for it to be indexed.
A: We too are human and believe you need a break from seeing Christmas as a year round promotion. Our products have a year round application and are not necessarily tied into Christmas.

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