Thursday, May 23, 2013

How to find a job that you like

How to find a job that you like (Love)

Over the years I have used a very simple formula to finding the job I would love to have, these principles have also been used by my daughter and many friends who have all found the job they love.

  • Don’t look in the job vacancies.

         •Why, because everyone else is looking for that job
  • Do some research on the perfect company YOU would like to work the rest of your working life with.

  • Research this companies mission statement, take key words and phrases from this statement.

  • Compose an introductory letter to the CEO or top person in the company, using the key words, or phrases from their mission statement, all the time making yourself irresistible to them, explaining why you would like to work for them and the skill sets that would make you an excellent fit.

             • Why the top person, everything flows down from the      top and if you are that irresistible this person is going to instruct their HR person to look at you. The HR is not going to say no to the boss.

  • Again if you have made yourself that irresistible they are not going to let any of their competitors snap you up and they will search for a position for you.

  • Your chances are that much greater  as there is NO competition as there was NO job offered on the market, you have created the need and the position.

This has worked for me throughout my working career and my daughter has found her lifetime career this way.

Good luck

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