Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Attack of Danger Bay 12


May Day weekend is Danger Bay weekend

 This weekend has to be one of the highlights of the year for us.

12 years ago we started sponsoring this weekend race.
Bricin (Striker) Lyons had a dream to create a longboard race, back in 2001 he attracted about a handful of longboard racers.
To date this race is one of the largest races in the world attracting hundreds of racers from all over the world to Pender harbour BC.
Longboarding is getting some bad wrap in the press lately, I would suggest to these naysayers to pay a visit to Pender Harbour and take in the love,pride and devotion these young people have for their sport.
To warm up for the summer round of a dozen or more races in BC and Alberta Bricin just spent 2 weeks in Australia where for the past 4 years he has been announcing one of their largest races.
Bricin has to be one of this sports greatest advocates, continuously promoting the safety aspect of the sport.
At "Danger bay" which Bricin announces the race in a way only he can, you have to experience this first hand and see some of the worlds fastest longboarders compete for one of the worlds largest prizes.
For those wanting to spend the long weekend doing something different I would strongly recommend this race.
Here is a link on how to get there, with maps and local places to stay.
Still not convinced then check out this video on last years race by a New York magazine.

Here is a video for those who have not experienced a longboard race before

Good luck to all the racers this year, have a safe weekend.

Peter and Patricia

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