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Back pain relief

Back pain relief

Back pain can be debilitating, what you need are our heat packs that will offer fast natural relief for your back pain, these can be used hot or cold depending on the injury.Back pain Use it cold to reduce swelling and heat for aches and pains.
Back pain has never felt so good.
Warm Buddy heat packs have been made locally in Vancouver BC since 1996.

What heat is for

Heat is primarily for muscle pain, and for stress relief. Warm Buddy heat packs and heat wraps offer a warm moist penetrating heat, that penetrate the muscle tissue and relieve aches and pains fast  and without the need of any over the counter pain medication.
The trick is knowing what muscle pain is. Muscle causes much more pain than most people are aware of. Some kinds of muscle pain are obvious enough — like the pain you get after the first ski trip of the season, or charlie horses in the night — but these are relatively isolated and obvious examples. Also, heat isn’t especially useful for them. Charlie horses are pretty fast, and for most people a rare problem, thankfully. And that post-exercise muscle soreness is virtually immune to any kind of therapy.

Remember “Everybody needs a Warm Buddy”

Warm-up is one of the most important elements of an exercise program. It is particularly important to prevent back pain injury:
Warm-up is low level activity, such as a brisk walk or a slow jog, which should be completed prior to stretching and more strenuous exercise. The objective of the warm-up is to raise total body temperature and muscle temperature to prepare the entire body for vigorous activity. The warm-up period prepares the cardiovascular system, respiratory system, nervous system and the musculoskeletal system by gradually increasing the demand on those systems so that they are able to accommodate the demands of more strenuous activity.

Passive Warm-up:

The main goal of passive warm-up is to increase body temperature, either total body temperature or local body temperature, without physical activity. In passive warm-up the body temperature is usually increased by some external means, such as wearing heavy apparel, like a sweatshirt, and/or using our Warm Buddy Sports Therapy wrap or Body wrap. One of the advantages of using a passive means of warm-up is that energy is not expended in the warm-up activity. However, for best results it's recommended that passive warm-up be used in combination with active warm-up.

Active warm-up:

Is composed of two types: general and sports specific warm-up. The general or non-specific warm-up utilizes low intensity movements such as walking or slow jogging general warm-up, involving low level activity, is usually more effective than passive warm-up in increasing deep muscle temperature. Specific warm-up exercises actually involve the body parts that will be used in the subsequent competitive event. An example would be swinging a tennis racket in a practice stroke.
The advantage of the specific warm-up is that the temperature is more effectively increased in the specific body parts that are to be used.


Experts agree that the main purpose of warm-up is to increase the blood circulation in order to raise both the general body and the deep muscle temperatures, which in turn help to heat up the muscles, ligaments and tendons in preparation for more vigorous activity.
A proper warm-up provides many benefits due to elevated temperatures associated with it. The likelihood of any back pain injury is reduced. Athletic performance can be improved. The warm-up increases muscle efficiency, reduces potential for muscle pulls, improves reaction time and improves the speed of movement of muscled and ligaments.
Proper warm-up can also help reduce the severity of post-exercise muscle soreness. The higher temperatures and increased blood flow resulting from warm-up are important for delivery of oxygen to the muscles and for prevention of build-up of unwanted waste products which can lead to muscle soreness.


There is an important difference between warm-up and stretching. Many people stretch and call it warm-up. This is incorrect. It is important to warm-up before stretching. If one stretches the muscles without prior warm-up, the muscles are cold and are more prone to injury, such as muscle tear or strain. Before exercising, begin with a warm-up period to raise the body temperature.
You want to get the heart pumping and increase blood flow to the muscles before stretching. Slow running in place, a slow aerobic dance, or a walk-jog (all with ball), and the application of an external heat pack, is an ideal warm-up regimen to help prepare the muscles for stretching and therefore reducing the posibility of back pain injury.

Back pain in early pregnancy:

Here is a heart felt story from Kristina
@ swankmama which will resonate with anyone going through lower back pain in early pregnancy.
Being pregnant the second time around has pretty much been the same as when I was pregnant with my son: fast, easy and free of any morning sickness or nausea. The only thing that I didn't have with my first pregnancy that I now have with this one is lower back pain. It comes and goes but the turning point was when I strained my back on our recent Disneyland vacation. I could hardly move and yet my son still wanted to be picked up constantly during our trip.

That's where Wildflowers Aromatherapy & Gifts came in to the rescue! Wildflowers is a Vancouver based eco-conscious company run by Peter and Patricia and serving customers worldwide. They carry a full line of Warm Buddy products which provide back pain, neck & shoulder pain and stress & tension relief. Filled with natural milled rice, Warm Buddy heating pads and wraps are aromatherapy scented with pure lavender flowers and essential oils making it a relaxing and soothing experience for your body. Wildflowers also prides themselves on buying all locally made products to share with the world.

To heat up your Warm Buddy, you simply put it in the microwave for the required time {my Warm Buddy Body Wrap takes 2-3 minutes - I've been warming it up at just under 3 minutes} and it will retain its heat for hours. I love that I can use it on my back as soon as I take it out of the microwave since the heat has been distributed evenly and it's not super hot to the touch. Usually, I wake up a few times a night for a bathroom break {another pregnancy "symptom"} and my Warm Buddy is still warm! The website says that it will retain its heat for 1 hour or longer and it seems like mine is on the longer side.

In addition to heating up your Warm Buddy, you can also throw it in your freezer {in a Ziploc bag} to reduce inflammation and relieve lower back pain related to sprains, bumps and bruises, inflamed muscles, etc.

When my lower back pain was at it's worse, all I could think about during the day was coming home, putting my heated Warm Buddy Body Wrap on my back and waking up virtually pain free. I found that it helped alleviate the pain during the night so I could sleep better and the pain wouldn't return until halfway through the next day. I would highly recommend Wildflowers and their Warm Buddy Body Wrap as a natural, pain relief alternative to taking pain medication to relieve the pain. In addition, the Body Wrap comes with a washable cover that can be hand or machine washed.
Thank you Wildflowers you are a life saver with your Microwave heating pad for back pain relief.

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