Monday, July 8, 2013

Corporate wellness gifts

We have put together some combination packages of our most popular Warm Buddy Aromatherapy Warm Gifts at special prices.corporate gifts
At these prices you can afford to pamper and indulge yourself, give yourself some, you time.
Fill the bath, use some of your favourite oils and bubble bath and our bath salts and relax. After.. you can use our sumptuous bath robes and our warming slippers to add that extra bit of comfort.
Shopping couldn't be easier or faster. We ALWAYS have all the Warm Buddies in stock,, So you will never be disappointed..

Customers often ask us how we gift wrap for shipping through the postal system here is how we do it.

Corporate Wellness Gifts

Corporate Gifts
  • Are you looking for  corporate wellness gifts,then let us know how many of these packages or any of our other products you require and we would love to prepare a quote for you, please send us an email with your requirements.
  • Say thank you to staff and clients with a natural wellness, gift that will be appreciated for many years.
    Corporate wellness gifts will last for years, offer healthy living choices,all made locally.

Company corporate wellness programs

  • Employee wellness programs are a growing need for office and business life across North America. Corporate Wellness is one of the the most vital investments that a company can make. Businesses that incorporate Corporate Wellness programs aren’t only investing in the wellness of their employees, but are taking preventative measures that will DECREASE the company’s health care costs and INCREASE the employees’ productivity.
  • Worksafe BC incorporated the use of our Ultra Shoulder wraps for their employees to use should they feel stressed during work.
    • Emma Chritensen their corporate ergonomist found that individuals using the wraps had a more relaxed posture while working at their workstations, their shoulders were lower, not hunched up around the ears and productivity increased.
    • Have a look at our products here and let us know here what your needs are and how many you need and we will prepare a quote for you.

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